Tuesday, January 25, 2011

40 Wishes Sent to Jerry...

Jerry's Fund has been donated to Bad Rap Rescue this year & we have been told by Donna Reynolds, one of Bad Rap's Co-founders, that it will be used to help transport dog fighting victims from different states out to them on the west coast for rehabilitation. In addition, Donna also said that she would make sure to send a letter out to Jerry's Mom & sister to let them know that Jerry lives on with the money donated in his name to help dog fighting victims. However, we have some more news we would like to share related to Jerry's 40th birthday...

This image was taken by Marni Guman McNiff on the evening of January 15th as she, Jerry's Mom & Jerry's sister & many other family members sent up 40 Chinese Lantern Wish Balloons to Jerry. While it was simply meant to be a way to celebrate Jerry's 40th, the 40 balloons sent our small town reeling with a multitude of calls to the local police department with reports of UFO sightings.

Quite frankly, this whole event would have made Jerry laugh hysterically & would have been exactly what Jerry would have loved to see on his birthday... you did him proud baby sister LeeAnn!

Here is the story from this week's Newtown Bee:

Here is the Youtube Video that sparked the search for answers to the mysterious lights over Newtown, Connecticut:

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